Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giant Eagle Paid Me....Sorta

I get WIC and did my shopping with my tickets. I saw they had a special on Gerber baby food, get 10 and get a $1 off coupon! I also wanted to make a cake for Easter and had a coupon for a free cake mix with the purchase of 2 icings. Well, I had a $4 off my next shopping trip from Giant Eagle as well from my last adventure.

1. My $1 off coupons did not print, but after a collective 20 mins I received them.
2. My total for the cake mix came up to $5.40, with the coupons I was -$0.10!!

With my adrenaline running and the happiness of my ten cent gain, the cashier was flabbergasted. Not to mention her cash register froze. She got the manager over and he stated they do not pay back customers!! WHAT! I took the time to figure out my coupons and on the coupon shows they pay the people! He said just to ring it out as free and he swiped his card so she could ring me out.

I wrote Giant Eagle. No where in their coupon policies does it state they will not pay the customers. Stay tuned for the response!

This is what I wrote:

To Whom It May Concern,

On April 23, 2011 I went to Giant Eagle and purchased a Dunkin Hines cake mix and two frosting's. I had a free coupon for the cake mix and a $4 off my next shopping trip from Giant Eagle. My total came up to -0.10 and the registered froze. As I seen on Extreme Couponing and heard from friends, I should of received my $0.10, but Robert Mitchell, Manager of the Bedford PA Giant Eagle stated they do not pay customers and to ring it as free.

What is your policy on paying customers back from what they purchased with coupons? I see nothing in your policy's stated this. If this is your policy than I refuse to shop at your store any longer. I will not give you another dime, if you do not give me the dime I earned. I know this seems silly over a dime, but what if it was a larger amount? I put my hard earned time clipping coupons and strategically using your paper to purchase my groceries. I could use my time in other places.

Thank you for your time

Tasha Bowers

Unfortunately, I wrote the wrong manager name, but will correct it when they call me.

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