Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Beginning

I have been wanting to start this blog for awhile now but could not think of a good topic to start it off with a bang! I live in a small town in Pennsylvania and it is a lot tougher than most people would believe. I know some of you may say "At least your not in a city" but a small town defiantly has its disadvantages.

Let me begin by giving you some background on myself. I am 17 weeks pregnant (4 months, 1 week)and this is my first child. My husband and I make about $32,000 a year and we have a dachshund that is 3 years old.

We are having a tough time right now finding a larger place to live in and we live in a very small apartment that can barely fit us. The reason we are having problems finding a place to live is because we have a dog. In a city, you would be able to find a place that accepts at least one pet with no issue, but in a small community you can not.

This community is predominantly an older generation town and there are no outlets for children or parents with babies to socialize. This line to me is very important: my goal in my town is to make a group for parents and their children to socialize, get tips and support and clean up this town. I also hope to inspire others to make their small towns a better community for all.

For teenagers there is nothing to do as well which results in underage drinking, drugs, and sex. This is a major dilemma in my town, yet people do not want to see it. My husband works in corrections and sees the drug and violence rising in this town to the point of scary.

My goal in this blog is to show the hardships of living in a small town, but using them to your advantage. I will give money saving tips, pregnancy tips I have learned along the way and other advice.

I love to write and hope to make this more creative then this generic post. I thank you for taking the time to read this blog and hope to get to know all of you soon enough. Until we meet again..

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