Friday, April 2, 2010

Advantages of Small Town Living

I feel my first blog had a downside to small town life, so I wanted to give the advantages of living in a small town. Last year my husband and I moved from a big city in Florida and went back to the small town in Pennsylvania I grew up in my teenager days. I admit I was happy to come back for the advantages, but I am starting to miss the city life. This blog will not only help you - but myself for why living in a small town and raising a family is great.

  • Living Cost is Less

From gas prices to home rentals the cost to live in a small town is significatly less than in a city. Not only are you able to keep your pockets heavier, but you are less stressed than having to pay more for about the same stuff.

  • Personal Touch

What I mean by this is everyone knows everyone - or at least a relative of yours. You can go to the doctor and you have a more personal visit then you would in a city where you are just a patient. You go to the grocery store and the clerk refers you to a great daycare service.

  • Public School Trust

You can trust putting your kids in public school and know that they are safe. You don't have to shell out the extra cash to put them through private schooling just to have the sense of security.

  • Save Gas

Does not take very long to get where you need to go unless you live out in the boonies and its a few miles to that gas station or country side store.

Unfortuantly to every advantage there is a disadvantage, but this blog is about the positives so stay tuned for another day where I will discuss the disadvantages to small town living. Also I will discuss the ups and the downs to big city living.

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