Thursday, April 1, 2010

Money Saving Tips #1 and #2

Whether or not you live in a big city or a small town there are expenses especially when you have a baby or expecting. I am one of the thriftiest people I know when it comes to budgeting. The first money saving tip when expecting a baby is this:

#1 Neutral
Now I know if you have a boy or a girl you want to adorn him/her with the appropriate colors and that is fine. When it comes to the 'big' expenses you may want to think of the big picture which is "Will I get my monies worth?" When it comes to swings, cradles, nursery cribs, strollers and highchairs you want to be able to reuse them. So go neutral in colors.

I bought a stroller and a car seat; granted car seats have expiration's and I will have to buy a new one but I should not have to buy a new stroller because the color is light gray and yellow. It is versatile for any gender and when we are blessed with more children I can reuse it. My baby room theme is also neutral and that is Woodland Creatures. The savings when you are blessed with #2 or #3 will be amazing when you do not have to re-buy the big expenses.

#2 Cloth Diapers
"They are messy", "they smell", "too much fuss" are the comments that come to mind when you think of cloth diapers. These statements are untrue and cloth diapers are not only better for your baby but better for the environment and not to mention the pockets! Did you know that people go through $2-$3000 worth of disposables each 1-2 years? Also lots sit in those icky landfills. I'm going to spend $700 in cloth diapers and it will not only save me money, but I can reuse them for the next child. There is a thrifty tip! (There are brands out there that can start you off to cloth diaper from newborn to potty training for $100)

I am not going to leave you in the dust about these two topics so I'm going to give you some reading on the two above savings! So keep those wallets heavy and your sanity!

Neutral Colors:
Gray, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black, White, Purple, Red, Orange and their variations.

Cloth Diaper Links:

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