Monday, April 12, 2010

Furry Baby

Tommorrow is my dachshund's 3rd birthday. I can not believe how time passes and things have changed. If your like me I treat my dog as one of the family and like any 'child' you have to get them ready for the new baby arrival.

I have researched this a bit and I can not say what works and what does not.

I want to tell you on how to get that furry baby ready for a human brother or sister.

Now my dogs have been very loved and I handled them a lot when they were puppies which I hope gets them ready for little kids. I have got in my dogs face, pretended to eat his food, pulled, tugged, nipped and just man-handled my dog to the point that those things do not affect him and I hope that helps the new transition. I do think squeaky toys and blankets will be hard to get his mindset to 'his' and 'babies'. If your dog has not been bombarded with such affection, here are some tips:

1. Have your partner give him extra attention and let him get used to them since you may be the one handling the baby more often.

2. Get a baby doll and rub baby oil on it. Get a blanket and swaddle the baby doll and then treat it like a baby. Get him used to the scents and smells of the new arrival.

3. Have your partner or friend come home from the hospital with a blanket or hat the baby has worn. Let the dog get the scent and give him a treat afterwards to show him the baby will bring good things.

4. Keep the baby in the car seat and lower it to the dog. Let him sniff the baby and praise him for good behaviour.

Try to keep the routine you have with the dog now when you have the baby. Ask your partner to help you and find what works best for you and your family. You do not want your dog feeling neglected and off his routine. That will only cause potty accidents and aggression towards the newcomer.

I have a gut feeling my dog will be fine and if your dog just is not taking to the baby and after training is showing aggression then give the dog to a trusting friend, family member, or person who will take good care of him/her and let them know the dog is not child friendly. If you have to a no-kill shelter would be a good option.

Never EVER trust your pet alone with the baby no matter how trusting you are of your pet. Accidents do happen and pets are animals and they can have erratic behaviour. (Dog Drags Baby to Woods)

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